Do the beatles deserve all the hype credit they get for the music they made?? I posted on facebook that they were way overrated and got a bunch of backlash. I was expecting that from my fb friends. I think there music was meh at best. So what do you guys thing are they over hyped??
They're hyped as the most influential rock band in history. Right time, right place, right songs, image, everything. We can state all state our opinions, but It's literally impossible to overstate the impact they had on rock and on culture.

Maybe give Revolver another listen?
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Sometimes I think that the Beatles fall into that category of artists who have become so overrated that they're underrated. The people who practically worship the band credit the Beatles with a status no one could attain and when new listeners hear that the music is anything short of godly it becomes easy to disregard the Beatles' music.
That said I think the Beatles are fantastic and they made some incredible albums in their time.

Maybe give Abby Road another listen?
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Here is what is made the Beatles different. They were the first big act that broke away from 12 bar blues based popular music in that time. That is what makes them memorable to me.
What you like is a matter of opinion. It is fine to dislike their music.

Do so knowing that this "overrated" band is the most successful and influential rock band ever, and that what they did is unlikely to be replicated.

But that has nothing to do with what they actually sound like to 2013 ears.