I want to buy anyone of them.My amp is a Sony 720w amp(it is awesome) actually it is a music system and I have a Cort X1. Next,my genre is rock and metal.I do a lot of live shows as well.Don't ask me about my budget please since I'm buying these second hand. Ok,Please just tell me which one is better,I just want to know,I don't want to waste my money on a garbage.
You've been told repeatedly that both are toys.

Is there a 30 day return policy? If so, buy whatever and keep sending it back til you get what you want.
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Quote by sumcty
I don't want to waste my money on a garbage.

Then don't buy either.

Do what we've told you in your previous SIX threads, and shop for a real amp.

We're all trying to help, but you constantly refuse to listen.

As you have consistently created repeat threads on the same subject without listening to the advice given, this thread has now been reported.

EDIT: I've also just noticed that you said you have a Line 6 amp in one thread, a 20w Marshall in another, now you're saying you have a Sony amp? WTF is going on?
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You already have 6 other threads on basically the same subject. Quite creating new ones.
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