Hey guys,

I'm new and I have no remote ability to build my own tabs, so I would be happy to send someone $5-10 for doing each of these songs for me. As accurate and detailed as you can, I'm new but like having something to work toward to set the bar against.

Mike Doughty - Your Misfortune

Mike Doughty - Burn You Down

Mike Doughty - Girl in the blue dress

Thank you very much,

Hey man I am a professional ear transcriber. I've done quite a lot of transcribing for people here on ug.

I can do this for you. I'd normally charge around 15-20 dollars for these songs. but I can do it for you I guess for 10. each. in the end if you like it, then tip me over the thing or just say thanks. both will work.

anyways this is how i earn my living so hopefully i dont come off as a douchebag

if you up, then PM here or send an email at v.shred@yahoo.com

oh and i forgot. I send you a GP file of the guitar and may be some misc drums. so tell me if you want GP 5 file GPX file or PDF file

cheers, V
you're cool man, thanks for responding. I'll pm you now. I really appreciate it.