Hey guys, I'm currently still relatively new at doing my own recording, mixing, and mastering. Although, I have been in quite a few bands over the years that did studio recordings (such as Frozen Eternity). This is my latest song for my demo'd recordings for a new album and so it has my up to date best techniques in the whole process. Still trying to grow and figure out how to do things better before I eventually get around to doing more "professional" final recordings.

For the record, I already know the bass ended up way too loud about halfway through (was messing with settings in the middle of recording, bad no no). Also, no vocals, as I'm not sure whether I will be doing them or some guy we are planning to audition; as well as wanting to have a strong foundation with the instruments first. The drums are obviously samples as well, can't afford to buy a good pack so I'm using free samples.

About Exsolutus:
This is my personal project I'm starting up which is a progressive metal band (with many influences of other metal styles). Big name influences would be Between The Buried And Me, The Human Abstract, Wintersun, Protest The Hero, Animals As Leaders, Periphery, Painted In Exile, etc. I was originally a bassist for about 12 years and have only really been playing guitar for almost 2 years.


Any critiques would be greatly appreciated, and I will try to return the favor for insightful replies.

EDIT: Uploaded remastered version
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Nice arrangement, but if of course you plan to add vocals later, what exactly are you doing in the case of all those long tremelo picking sequences? Have you considered adding a splash of lead accents here and there? Because playing it back in my head, just imagining a longwinded vocalist singing over ALL of that tremelo picking is getting tiring already >.<

You already mentioned concern on the drum samples, personally I think even with the current samples they're quiet and the kick is muddy. With all the double kicks there's no discernible drop or automation heard to address the buildup in lows. I think you've got something, it just needs better writing in the drums and guitars. Particularly additions like a memorable riff to end on every other bar or something when it comes to the guitars/verse sequences.

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