I've had a homemade partscaster for years with no middle pickup. So, when I was at a guitar show a few weeks back I found a local pickup winder called Tone Emporium and we figured what would sound best. I grabbed one of the middle pickups from his TE-01 set and it's a fantastic middle pickup. It's crisp and honky without being too nasally or harsh, really fat in the 2nd and 4th positions. You can hear it in action here: https://soundcloud.com/justhach/te-01-test. It starts in the middle position, then moves to the neck and middle, then the bridge and middle.

I also grabbed a pedal called a Harmonic Energizer, it's basically a clone of the Maestro PF-1 Paramatric Filter. Essentially, it's a single band eq that you can mix in with your regular signal, as well as adding some dirt with the gain switch. It's great for that Frank Zappa razorbladey sound that you hear on Uncle Remus or Cosmik Debris. I'll have a clip of it sometime this week.
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middle pickup is my fav pickup on my strat, can't believe you went without one for so long. sounds pretty good.

i'd love top hear a clip of that harmonic energizer

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