I've brought myself a Harley Benton G212 Vintage 2x12 cab, as I will now be bringing my amps to college, and will need a cab to leave there (leaving my cheap 4x12 there and using Harley Benton at home).
It's quite a mundane cab that a fair few of you know about/have, but I felt a NCD was needed

The other reason that I brought it was because the speakers in my peavey 6505+ 112 needed an upgrade.
Trying it out, I think that was a totally correct statement, the difference is amazing. I found the Sheffield speaker a quite muddy, and when A/Bing the V30s and Sheffield I found the V30s had so much clarity in comparison. I also found that it seems to tighten up the sound quite a bit.

It's a little heavier than I expected but it doesn't really matter as it will mostly be staying at home. A handle on the top would also be nice..but you can't ask for everything, especially at the price this cab was .

Lastly, pics!

£160 very well spent.

EDIT: I felt I should update the pics to show my gear setup now that I have it properly laid out (except for the bass I received for xmas)

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Your taking a 4x12 to college?
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HNCG! Glad to hear you like the V30s. I should try my 5153 with V30s sometime.

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Your taking a 4x12 to college?

He said he's left it at college, taking the 6505+ in.
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FWIW if I had to pick which to do without, I'd rather do without the top handle than the side handles
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HNCD! You should convert the 6505 to a head, that'd be sweet.
Well, the plan is getting my 4x12 driven in to college at the start of next term, and leaving it there till the summer holidays. Meanwhile playing on my 2x12 at home.

yes, going to be turning the 6505 into a head, and taking either the Kustom or Peavey in for the day when I need them.