I am looking at buying this 2001 Ephiphone Les Paul Custom . Can anyone tell me what Epiphone quality was like in this era? Is this a decent guitar?

I'm looking for an axe that I can put .11's on and tune down a half step or two.
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At that price it would be only a bit more expensive to get a brand new one if you're that worried about it. Especially since the 2001 pickups are probably junk and you'd probably want to replace them. The new Probuckers in the Custom Pros are WAY better.

You could look for used Custom Pros, there's one on my local Craigslist for $400 right now.
if youre willing to wait maybe a month, just keep scouring craigslist and lowballing people and you should be able to find an epi custom for 300 or less
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