Okay let me start of by saying I am a novice when it comes to guitars. I recently started playing and being a guy with large hands I needed a large neck. After I accumulated the extra 370 bucks I went to Warmoth to purchase a super wide (1 7/8). The neck came in and my guitar instructor put it on for me. After adjusting the neck like you do he realized that the neck on one side has a bump at the 19th fret. At the 19th fret the neck seems to raise at a 5 degree angle and makes anything after that fret buzz when you play because it touches the string. Of course I call the company because Warmoth claims to give you a warranty. The employee on the phone asks me to send pictures by email and then they would call me back. The employee never called me back so a few days later I called. I was transferred to the man I had been dealing with and after 30 minutes of the employee giving me every excuse under the sun like they use a machine that can't make mistakes it must have been put on wrong, he could not see it and people who buy Warmoth necks know that they will have defects so they bring them to a repair man, he agreed that if I sent it back they would loo at it and if it was defective they would fix it. The problem with this tough was I pay the shipping both ways which is 40 bucks. $40 just to send it back and hope they will fix, that is not right. So of course I'm like I'll just bring it to repair man here in town, I explain this extremely long story and the repair man tells me that indeed it is the neck and not the installation also it's in the Warmoth contract to fix it. I take this information to my guitar teacher and he asks three repair men he knows and EVERY LAST ONE of them says the same exact thing as the first guy. So now my $370 neck is going to cost me $410 which just is not right. Just realize that the Warmoth guarantee is a jip they will refuse to except that the guitar is broken and make you pay the shipping just for them to admit that the machine made an error. Their actually is no warranty you have to pay the shipping company almost the same as you would to have it repaired the same day by a technician. I cannot get the picture on here but I have them if you want to see them.
I have never heard of any bad experiences like this. Sorry to hear it and I hope it gets fixed.
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I don't suppose you paid for this using a Mastercard credit card did you? You may have a Chargeback right. I work in a Chargeback dept for a UK bank and due to you saying that three repairmen are saying that the neck is defective, you might be able to get your money back and get Warmoth to collect it from you. If you have, get in contact with your credit card issuer and say that you want to make a claim. They should be able to take this up for you.
Actually I did pay with a mastercard. Thank you I will try and get in contact with them.