Hello all,
As the title states, which is better of the two Amplitube or Guitar Rig 5?

I need a great and realistic clean tone, similar to either a Vox AC30 or a Fender Hot rod deluxe. And occasionally a nice crunch or distortion tone.
In terms of ease of use, realism, ans sound, which of the two takes the cake?
Neither of them are THAT great... but for crunch I think Guitar Rig takes it.
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Get a good Blackstar 1 watt combo with emulated output, run that into your interface, then use Guitar Rig for pedals. BOOM. Throw in a Two Rock cable and some good monitors and you are all set.
I've got both (among others). I find myself using Guitar Rig more. The workflow is just better and easier to use.

Amplitube does clean and low gain better to my ears but it's annoying to get a good tone going.
If I had to put all the VST amp sims I've used in order from best to worst, it'd probably be something like this:

Vintage Amp Room
Revalver III
Overloud TH2
Amplitube 3
Shred Suite
Guitar Rig
Amplitube because you can try before you buy

the slash amp is very .. well GnR and Amplitube has the most sims out there

I have guitar rig. Revalver. amp farm 2 etc etc ad to be honest there all good for the tone you may want

I may say the Mesa's are better in Guitar Rig with RammFire

but the fenders are better in Amp Farm and the 5150 is better in Revalver

you really need to try them and hear what you like again that is why Amplitube for me is a good place to start and cheaper to start with as well.