Logo looks like feathers. Neck thru, floyd rose, two single pups, hum in the bridge and no brand name anywhere. Plays great. Light weight superstrat type. Strat body ibanez style headstock.
Do you have any estimate as to what the value is? That'll help determine what it is.

It could be a MANN guitar. They were worked with Ibanez I think and didn't label their headstocks so that Ibanez could reuse their models. Also many vintage Japaneze custom shop models didn't put a name on the headstock because it apparently looked better.
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I have no idea. The guy we got it from was holding it as collateral and the guy never paid him back. They claimed It was a Kramer but I ruled that out pretty quick.
Update: I found kramer almost faded on the floyd rose. So I think it is a kramer. I didn't see somebody jaking a kramer floyd. So check out the pics and let me kno if anyone has an idea of what model.
I was going to say it looked like a Kramer that someone repainted and rebranded. I would say it looks like an old '80s Kramer Focus, or atleast a Kramer mutt of some sort. The body and headstock are definitely Kramer shaped/looking.
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I'm thinking either st300 or focus. But the neck thru is still a mystery to me. Both of those models were bolt on from what I can find. O well it plays good is all that matters. I have a charvel so cal and this one plays and sounds almost identical.