Hey Guys, this is a song i wrote and recorded really quickly and its kinda just about life and its meaning and shit! its psychedelic with some real metal influences id say! So have a listen! tell me what you think and for gods sake leave a link to your song so i can return the favour!!


Cheers guys!
Monologue, can't say I like it. What's with the voice btw, pitch shifting? If you intend to stick with the monologue, which I'm guessing ya will I think a natural speaking voice would've been a better choice. From there actually doing some creative editing with erratic fade ins or portions of it coming through like white noise, but anything other than just a pitch shift where ya end up sounding... idk It just sounds odd : / Maybe others will chime in, but I don't recommend sticking with the current presentation!

Would've preferred hearing the bass more when the gained guitars arrived.

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I'm really impressed dude. The effect sounds worked really well and theres a nice sense of dynamic contrast between the different sections. The only criticism I could think of is the lack of reverb on the drums. They sound fairly dry and out place in the mix during the first section especially. All in all, it's a really cool track.

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Hmm, you don't often hear stuff that psychedelic mixed with stuff that metal. I think the tone isn't really great for that sort of thing, but you definitely have the right idea over all. Think about maybe slowing stuff down and downtuning, then making everything as massive as possible like an amp explosion...

And the vocals were good, I liked the beginning.