Hey guys, so at the moment, I run a pedalboard with tuner, overdrive/boost, delay, volume and I just daisy chain them and use a 1 spot plug. When I play at my church I also bring along my micro terror head and cab and that runs at 15V (2A) so instead of bringing that bulky power cable I was wondering if I upgraded my pedalboard power supply if I would just be able to plug my micro terror head into it as well. What is available?

It's not a big deal if I can't, but it would be nice to upgrade my power supply and be able to run the amp too. (The amp and speaker face me and then it's mic'd, so it's close.)
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According to the Internet the Micro Terror needs 15 Volt and 2A? But anyway, the maximum current that the voodoo can supply is 300mA, so it ain't gonna work out either way.
Oops, I guess I just assumed it was 9v since it was the same size plug and I was looking at the AC I/P was 1.2A...

So are there any power supplies that can do 9V and 15V?