For those of you who use Superior to make drums for metal tracks, How loud do you have the drums peaking?

I have Superior set to multi-output with each channel seperate, i then have the individual midi tracks routed to group tracks, and then the group tracks go into audio tracks, so they can be recorded.

What should my overall volume be when i record them? Im using the master volume in superior to control my volume.

My thinking would be somewhere betwenn -15 and -10db on the cubase fader. Im just wondering if that not "hot enough"

How do you guys typical handle using superior?
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Loud enough is relative to the rest of your mix.

It's all about proper gain staging.
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Here's a good article on the subject:


With digital recording, it's not important to be hit high levels, I generally shoot for about -18dB, but I really don't get super caught up in it all.
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No idea what gain staging is.

How would i gauge how loud it should be, considering its the first instrument im doing.

Im covering Tessracts "acceptance" if that matters.

Ive read a few articles on headroom recently and im kinda trying to apply that.

Guitars and bass will probably be done direct although i might throw two mics infront of my head/cab.

Thanks for the help as always, Chemical.

EDIT: And matrix, lol.
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I keep it low for sure you should never get near the red in anyway. (Personally I try to keep everything far away from red until I master the track.)

You should uses a GOOD limiter just to soften the Crazy random highs that happen with drums, there a BIG difference in Limiters Alot of the waves stuff I have used is Crap. anything with compression and limiting is a bad idea at the drum mixing stage IMO.

Also always come out of SD with singles channels Don't use the SD mixer to feed your DAW with just Left and right,. Mix your drum in your DAW you have much better control and much better idea where, how and when things are happening.

ML1 – mastering limiter from McDSP is my fav limter you have no idea it's there, very transparent ( I Hated it cause took so long to come to AXX 64 bit but when i got it back I fell in love all over again)

also Maxium that comes with PT is pretty good too ( what i used while i was waiting for ML1)

I have found alot of the limiting/level amp plugins effect things far too much, if you can hit bypass and notice a sonic differences,. there not any good for this type of job.

( limiters can be used many different ways but for drum mixing IMO they should just even the Crazy highs out enough so you can lift the rest )
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