I made a POLL for pizza toppings (for when you don't have decent pizza toppings)

Poll: Choose the most passable topping:
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View poll results: Choose the most passable topping:
Roasted cashews (salted)
28 53%
7 13%
Crystallized (or candied) fruit
8 15%
Lupin (or Lupini) beans
6 11%
4 8%
Voters: 53.
I have a Margherita here, and no decent toppings like pineapple, mushrooms, olives, ......

This sucks, but I have:

- Roasted cashews (salted)
- Raisins
- Crystallized (or candied) fruit
- Lupin (or Lupini) beans
- Almonds

I feel this isn't a good idea, but I need them toppings man.

And if you have a love for pizza you will not choose the worst topping just for shits n giggles, because pizza shall not be wasted under any circumstance. That is the pizza code of honor.

(you can also share or suggest other unusual toppings that are surprisingly good/passable)
idk i just chose salted, roasted cashews cause I love cashews. Sounds the best out of all.

Or just eat a plain, cheese pizza?
If I had chocolate I'd try it, I've seen chocolate pizza on nearby pizza places (I know there's no cheese in those, but I'd sprinkle some of that shiz on a regular pizza if I was desperate enough)
The idea of cashews on a pizza never occurred to me before, but that sounds like it could actually be pretty good. Cashews are the frickin shiznit.
I think cashew nuts on a pizza could actually be pretty decent.
I forgot to mention the cashews I have are a bit over-roasted (that's why they're still around in my house)
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What kind of fruit is the candied fruit?


And lol seriously this has everything to do with this thread (minus the Lupin beans):
I'll check back later before I make the pizza to consult the poll, then I'll review the pizza with the most popular topping (and maybe one of the others too if I feel adventurous).
Pepperoni is obviously the only right answer.
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mac & cheese on a pizza sounds pretty ghetto tbh

Put a lot of cracked black pepper on it with a sauce (Worcester, balsamic vinegar, anything with garlic?).
Don't piss about with those awful toppings.
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I have nothing else other than the mentioned stuff, so no mac n cheese.

And the black pepper sounds nice, but I don't have that. I have oregano, which I'll use.
I forgot to mention I also have apples and bananas. I don't like banana in my pizza so I'll try the apple as well.
The pizza is done, I put some cashews and raisins on top (and oregano).
The cashews were over-roasted so I'm not sure if cashews are a valid option or not, and the pizza is one of those nasty frozen ones with almost no cheese and a really sour tomato sauce (I don't know why, but it's nice with lots of corn on it. Talk about weird toppings amirite). I'll write as I eat and give you my thoughts Let's GO!

Cashew pizza slice:

- Wow, doesn't taste bad....
- ...Has barely any taste at all, only noticeable if you chew pizza on one side of the mouth and cashew on the other (or maybe it's because of the extra sour tomato sauce).
- DAMN, don't chew cashew on one side of your mouth and pizza on the other, the cashew makes this combination suck.

- Barely works as a topping, I give it a 5 out of 10 stars.

Raisin pizza slice:

- ... You know that expression "sex on toast"? Well, this is sex on pizza. Sloppy sex on pizza. Probably an elderly man having sex with a meth-addict prostitute with an std on top of a pile of pizzas.
- The sweet/sour combination makes this feel dirty. Have you ever felt that way about pizza? Try it with a load of raisins and find out.

- This isn't a good pizza topping, I give it a 7 out of 10 dog turds.

That's it... I was slightly disappointed because I could have had just the plain pizza and... Oh look another pizza! This one is staying a virgin.
I'd choose the starve to death option.

Also, refrain from multiple, simultaneous posts in the future, thanks
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go get real toppings
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