Hi there,

So I'm trying to keep this short so you don't need to read too much

I'm 17 and for the past year I've been practicing singing for maybe just under an hour one a week... Yeah it's not a lot. I have no confidence to sing when there is people in the house so yeah... I will be getting a vocal teacher soon though so that should help

Anywho, can you give me some feedback on how to improve, I think I heard some pitch issues, strain and the tone/timbre of my voice isn't all that good at the moment I don't think. How do I get better? Please help, thank you :3

The song is "Little Things " by One Direction/Ed Sheeran - I know most people around these forums may not like them but I would argue this song is written really well:
Or if the link doesn't work then my soundcloud is ScotlandScott

THANK YOU, U-G users