more music from me. call it what you want call it all punk rock. I dunno I just go with the flow. heres the lyrics and the song. you know the deal if you got some thing you want me to check out link a brother up.


wheres the feeling
wheres the knowledge
the line is reeling
bridge is falling
hear, the voices there, a calling
died for a name amongst bodies falling
and im the same but im just stalling
the inevitable death
fear of your last breath
murdered by Macbeth
stabbed in the chest
while trying to rest

that's old
ill die from being lonely and cold
when i give it all up ill be sold
that's when my eyes will roll.....hey.

I aint done till then with my poison pen. aint done till then with my poison pen

that's new
musicians don't wanna be you
and i guess that is true
that blessed are the few
and i throw it askew cause it is you and i throw it askew cause it is you
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Thank you for the review! Now your tune: what kind of crazy person would make 80's music in 2013? Yes, it sounds quite 80's, which is fine with me. The vocals remind me of Soft Cell (a compliment). The guitar sounds like the Doors though (quite good, my favorite part). From what I've heard lately, the early/retro/video game/cheesy xylophone synth sound would be considered chipset (I think). The drum beat is pretty unusual. I might have gone with a more basic beat, but what do I know? The bass synth is interesting/different.
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Sounds really '80s. And I like '80s.

The singing sounded really cool. I liked how it was kind of not in synch with the beat.

The guitar solo was nice but I don't know if it fit the song that well. I would maybe not have played a guitar solo in this kind of song, but that's just me.

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