Hey, been years since I last posted a thread here, hopefully I'm athe right forum.
Okay basically I bought a fender telecaster standard. The 500 USD one(poor college student). I know it's more of a jazzy guitar or country and so, but I just love the way it looks and the clean sound also kicks ass, however, I'm really into metal. I can use somewhat of a distortion pedal on it, but when I use a heavier distorted sound, I get a real loud feedback screech and it's quite irritating. It really makes it impossible to play metal without the feedback. I was told at a guitar store theres nothing I can do since it's single coil, but then I'm told its possible to switch pickups for a different one. Do I have options? And without buying another guitar(I couldn't afford a new guitar).

In short: Are there special pickups for the standard telecaster to allow distortion without feedback?
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Since your a broke college student look here at the Lil punchers pickups. www.guitarfetish.com I have those pickups in a tele and it does metal just fine.
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dude, to be honest, I play metal on a stock '69 telecaster with single coils. You're going to get a hum from your pickups with dirt. Noise gate is your friend. since you're broke, this is about as cheap as you're going to find.


I say, look up wiring for a '69 with 1 meg pots, and maybe change your pickups to alnico if you don't like the ceramics, and you'll be playing metal with ease.
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A noise gate pedal would be my last resort. I'm willing to spend a hundred or more for pickups. I totally get the hum comes with the package, it's the really loud screech I get that I Cant deal with
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The most likely reasons you are getting feedback are the pickups are poorly or improperly potted, or not potted at all, and/or you are standing too close to the amp with the volume turned up too high.