Hey guys,

so, I happen to like Steve Morse alot. By that you already what I am going to ask: what scale does he use mainly? I know that the fact that EVERY SINGLE THING he plays is beautiful comes from him and not the scale, but I do it for the sake of diversifying, not being a copycat.

Thats it, any ideas? Thanks in advance for reading all of this!
He doesn't use the same scale every time but my favorite stuff he does is in the major scale (or maybe it's the Be-Bop Major scale. Not sure). I know Eric Johnson uses it a lot too. Just get comfortable with lots of different approaches to those two scales.
He uses whichever scale is appropriate for the chords he's playing over.

So as you've rightly deduced, it's got nothing to do with the choice of scale in isolation, it's about understanding music and the ability to listen and hear possibilities in your head.

A guitarist's signature style and sound comes from their phrasing, articulation and the choices they make when composing and improvising. Just following a random scale pattern isn't going to get you any closer to sounding like them.
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Yeah, I get it. I'll try them out. He has a lot of country music inlfuence as well, might be worth taking a look at that type of phrasing.. Thoughts?