I want to train my writing skills, and you're gonna help me GOD DAMMIT! (if you want )
First of all, these aren't those rotting flesh/grey skin zombies.

Here's the deal, I write the beginning of the story, then I'll present you some options to choose from. This will be like one of those "choose your own adventure" things. I'll write as I go so this will either turn out surprisingly good or fall flat on it's face.
You should use common sense and make decisions as if it were you, in a real situation (with all the knowledge you have, but you can't fake knowledge you don't have)
Ok GO!


The outbreak started this afternoon, no one here was prepared. From what I can tell this thing has been cooking up for a while now, with occasional reports of quarantined hospitals and private clinics. No one had an idea why they would quarantine a hospital but now I know.

I'm inside my house, alone, with no water. I turned off the lights because I'd attract more of them. More off my neighbors. They all have this disease, and if I didn't know what was going on I wouldn't think they were sick at all. I can only tell by their distant gaze and constant mumbling, I've also heard what they do to normal people. When this all started I was watching tv, when I heard screams from a nearby house. I stepped outside to try to figure out what had happened, and then I saw a bunch of my neighbors (maybe 3 or 4) knock on the door of the house in front. When the door opened they walked in, dragging the owner of the house by the hair. After that I saw some of them down the street staring at me, and it was just a matter of seconds before they were knocking at my door.

It's 1 AM now, and after a whole afternoon of screams and sirens I can only hear the mumbling of my neighbors.

My status:
- I'm not hungry, and I'm not sleepy
- I'm scared and in panic
- There's only a little bit of water in a bottle, no tap water
- Food that only lasts for a day
- I have no computer to check on anyone or research what's really going on

This is what I have in my home and think can come in handy:
- Tools
- Matches
- Furniture I can break down
- Bottles of alcohol
- My guitar
- Sheets and clothes
- A can of hairspray
- A small first-aid kit
- A small backpack

What should I do with these? Should I go somewhere else? I need to leave this place sooner or later and need to take stuff with me, I'll need to choose wisely because my backpack has limited space.
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Obtain body armour and 2 SMGs somehow.
Duct tape the guns to your hands so your finger is stuck on the trigger.
Inject yourself with heroin and zombie blood.
Next thing I hear, a HUGE EXPLOSION! As the explosion blast disintegrates my body I still retain my consciousness for what it feels like minutes, but I'm sure it didn't even take a second to pulverize me. As I my body start to go numb I briefly remember my family, but then it all turns black. EVERYONE DIED

Apparently, in a different dimension, Son Goku found all the Dragon Balls and used one of his wishes to rewind the last 20 seconds from the dimension where this story unfolds, and then because he was such a cool guy used another wish to disarm the bomb that killed me.

Nothing changed. What should I do?
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What should I do?

Create a different CYOA other than the whole zombie thing. It's been done to death.
I ripped some sheets into small strips of fabric and dunked them in alcohol, then put the strips into the bottles. I tried doing it like I've seen in the movies and it seemed to work!

I put the tools and first-aid kit in my backpack and prepared to run.

The "neighbors" were still at my door, so I checked my windows to see if any was clear. One of them was, so I opened it and threw the molotov, quickly shutting the window after.

The knocks on the door stopped, but as I opened the door I notice some problems:
Though they are briefly distracted by the dancing flames, the noise drew the other ones to this point and now they're almost swarming the street.

What will I do?

-Try to run as fast as I can past them? That's a thick crowd but it's less dense on this side, on the edge of the group. If I run, where will I go?

- Go back inside and hope they've cleared out in the morning. Maybe they forgot I was inside and they'll stop knocking. I don't think anyone has seen me. I'll still need to leave this place, but maybe I'll be better equipped and take less risks if I go in the morning.
I was scared, so I ran back inside and shut the door. As I predicted, they stopped knocking.
I was so relieved that I decided to fap to take some of the stress off. After I finished (that was awesome) I checked through the window to see if my "neighbors" were still there, but DAMN!

That must have been a mighty fap because now I see aliens!

What should I do?
- Drop my stuff and go outside, maybe THEY helped clear the outbreak.
- Stay inside, but pay attention to the aliens outside. I'm not sure of their intentions.
- Plan something in case they're the ones that caused this. Oh no! One of them is moving towards this house! I need to defend myself! (Do I need to change what I have in my backpack? or grab/make anything else from what I have in the house?)
I decided to keep quiet. Maybe the aliens are good, and if they're not, they'll ignore this house right?


What will I do?
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23 minutes. That alien was knocking at the door for 23 minutes. Why didn't I open the door? Because he could have evil intentions. And also because I was masturbating furiously (again) because if I'm going down at least I had a good fap before.

Those 23 minutes passed, the alien still knocking on the door, when finally he had gotten enough.
He broke my door, charged in and killed me. Before I died I saw that the alien was wearing some sort of name tag on his right tit pocket. It said "uninteresting thread patrol".

THE ENDyou twats
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I wanna thank my family, because without them I wouldn't be here today, my dog because she's so awesome, my friends who don't know I'm registered here, and Vodafone for letting me borrow money when I don't have any and then pay them back with an extra fee. While I'm at it I would also like to thank Lays for making awesome potato chips, and I mean the "Light" version, not the regular, because regular Lays are terrible. I even made a thread about this, these potatoes are transparent from the excess oil, and taste like badger piss. But I digress. I'd also like to thank Pepsi, because of the ad the Swedish division of Pepsi made involving Cristiano Ronaldo. I liked how it pissed so many Portuguese people off, but I kind of understand. What I don't understand is why people got so offended by the impersonation Joseph Blatter made of Cristiano Ronaldo. That wasn't even making fun of Ronaldo, that was just that, an impersonation.
I'd like to conclude by thanking the organizers of the 2014 world cup in Brazil, because that logo is top notch. Best facepalm ever. And the Japanese 2020 Olympics are happening, so that's cool too. Thank you priests of the world for spreading religion. It's nice to know God loves our country and approves of our wars to try to change other countries' beliefs (which are pretty much the same on a fundamental level) and thinks humans rock and loves us all, but not the other animals. Priests are awesome, thanks once again for spreading a human created concept. You guys. Finally (serious this time) I'd like to thank the users K'Nuckles, metal4eva_22, MH400 (this guy) and WantsLesPaul (best credits to a thread EVER), for without them this story wouldn't be possible.
I'm not reading all that but if I were in a zombie apocalypse scenario, I'd probably wander around aimlessly hitting every liquor store I could find. I wouldn't even care.
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I'm not reading all that but if I were in a zombie apocalypse scenario, I'd probably wander around aimlessly hitting every liquor store I could find. I wouldn't even care.

ayy lmao