I would assume that it is pretty loud since it is a tube amp. Any thoughts on the amp, I have only heard positive things thus far?

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If you turn the master up, it's loud. If you turn it down, it's quiet.

Amps are loud. That's what they do. Even a 5W amp is damn loud if you turn it up all the way. What exactly are you looking for beyond loud?
They have master volumes. They're however loud you set them to be.
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I have the JC20H and it gets real loud. Don't expect it to have much gain and don't expect any good clean tones out of it. However it is great at what it does do, anything between a slight break up blues tone to some hard rock. It doesn't do metal very well and doesn't come close to modern metal.
JC20H owner here as well. It's been my apartment amp for about a month now. I've been a fan of it. Not a lot of versatile tones, but depending on your genre, you can dime it in to be pretty close to what you need. I mostly play post rock and cowpunk with it. It's a pretty open sound if you have a mission control of stompboxes in front of it. For the price, it's hard to beat.

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It doesn't do metal very well and doesn't come close to modern metal.

What pedal are you using? I put an MXR Custom Badass in front of it, and even with my Reverend with just PAF's I find myself accidentally sounding like Mark Tremonti.
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It will get some decent gain with a TS9, that's the only pedal I have run through it. I'm not much of a pedal guy, I'm starting to become on though.
If you want more preamp gain there's the two channel version. i'd be looking at that one if you play heavier stuff.
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Besides the first two comments sounds good. I will probably wait for now I just saw one for cheap.
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