I used to rest my hand on the bridge (strat) when I would anchor. Now that I've learned to float my hand, I've noticed it has moved a lot closer to the neck. Now I pick between the middle and neck pickup and sometimes directly over the neck pickup. Is this too far "forward?" What is the ideal position for my picking hand? Does it matter?
There is no ideal position. However, changing the point where you pick changes the sound it produces. And, it matters if you play harmonics. And if you tend to palm mute with your right hand, then your palm needs to be closer to the bridge.
Where you pick is dependent on the sound you want. When i am playing with my country and rockabiliy band i will pick more towards the bridge of the guitar, if i am playing jazz i will play around the neck pickup etc. It depends on what kind of sound you want.

As long as it's comfortable, it doesn't matter.
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