I've been toying around with this particular arrangement (which is pretty simple) for a few months, and finally sat down and recorded/mixed/uploaded it in about an hour.

Recording notes:

Guitars: Homemade Strat with .13s (wound 3rd) tuned drop D a half step down, with the 3rd string lowered an additional half step to mimic open D. Run through POD Farm. There are only two guitar tracks, but each one is run through the Fender and AC30 clones clean, then slaved to a delay and reverb track, then to another track with the Big muff clone running through the Cornford model.

Bass: 5 string in standard. POD Farm Ampeg clone with a Ratt in front.

Vocals are triple tracked, using a Shure SM58 through more POD Farm.

C4C. I guess mostly on the general concept, as this is a rather rough demo mixwise.

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