I have this weird noise coming from my amp when I don't have any volume on my guitar. The noise is very faint, but if I activate my octave fuzz pedal the feedback-like noise becomes much louder. If I turn up the volume the feedback-like sound is covered by static instead, which isn't much better.

I've located the noise and it seems be due to my power supplier. Here is my setup and order:

3 meter cable
Pollyanna Octave pedal
Patch cable
Whammy DT
3 meter cable

And my power supply is connected to the DT and the Pollyanna.

If I ignore one of my pedals (doesn't matter which one) and connects my guitar directly to one of the pedals but still have the power supplier connected to both pedals, the feedback-like sound vanishes.

What is the cause of this?
I asked at a music store and they thought the problem was due to my poor patching cable, in which I purchased a new one and the problem remains. However, it might be slightly lower hz on the weird noise. It's hard to tell.
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Yes. The power supply accepts up to 500 mA and the guy at the music store said that it probably can manage more.

My pedals draw a maximum of 294 mA together.
i have no idea then, sorry! that was the issue when my pedals were making a similar noise.