Hi all,

I have an old Japanese Gibson Marauder copy (not sure of the make).
I rarely play it as it is pretty buzzy and I find the colour boring (dull wine red).
Anyway, I've been trying to sell it but no-one wants it.
However, it sounds pretty good (in the bridge position anyway) and has a nice action.
So, I am going to mod it and make it beautiful!

So far, I have replaced the tuners with Sperzels, popped a harmonica bridge on it and replaced the weedy single coil bridge pickup with a Seymour Duncan SHR-1 and a coil split.

My next steps are:
1) Get it resprayed in a nice lurid metallic/sparkly green
2) Shield the cavities and the pickguard properly with some graphite paint
3) Replace the neck humbucker with something more lively, chimy and less boomy.
(I'd appreciate any suggestions for cheap but great sounding neck pups which might suit this guitar)
4) Put a white 'EMG-type' plasic cover over the neck hummy so it fits into the (slightly oversized) hole better.
5) Stick a Bigsby (or hopefully a less expensive Bigsby copy) on it.

I've done a mockup on the computer and I think it's going to look pretty nice!


Mr B

Here's what (I hope) it will look like (yes I know there are two input jacks!)...
That mockup looks great

I'm not too keen on hotrails personally (though they do split fairly well).

I haven't tried them, but I've heard good things about Oil City, Catswhisker and MoJo (there are two MoJos, I mean the one in Northern Ireland) pickups, and they're pretty cheap for handwound pickups (£40-£50 for humbuckers). Depends on what you mean by cheap, though, and I'm not sure if they offer a noiseless single coil option.

Irongear and Tonerider (and even entwistle and axesrus' own brand pickups) get a pretty good rep for cheaper far-eastern-made pickups, but I haven't tried them either But I think irongear does a rail-type pickup, at least.
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