Hi all, first post! God knows how long I've been registered but there we go.

Right, I have a problem with my tapping and pull-off descending runs - namely that they sound pretty sloppy because I cannot for the life of me properly move off strings I have just played. For example, if I start a run on the 1st string and then move to the 2nd string, I cannot move off the 1st string without a load of ringing out and buzzing.

I'm worried it's a fret-hand technique issue, as I encounter similar problems when tapping on the 2nd-6th strings - in particular when performing a pull off to an open string. For example, if playing this run on the 2nd string from As I Lay Dying's 'This Is Who We Are'...

A| 12p5h8h12p8p5p0h5

The 12th fret tap isn't the issue, but when pulling off to the open string (in bold) I cannot help but also nudge the open 1st string with my fretting hand.

I hope that wasn't explained to the point of confusion and I'd appreciate any tips. I'm working on some Protest the Hero and Periphery licks, if that helps give an idea of speed and style.