Hey guys, so i've been playing guitar for about 7 years now, pretty much all day every day. Ive done a lot of studying technique wise, and would consider my technique pretty good. However, and this to me is kind of scary, all of a sudden last night i was playing, and any time id fret a note with my pinky finger, id feel like a numb sensation on top of my nail (Like, behind it, not in front where im fretting, but like right where the nail meets the finger going up my hand) and it would go up my hand. I woke up today, and figured itd be gone, but i stretched, sat down, and started doing some chromatic exercises and within literally a minute or two that numb feeling was back. Its not like a continuous thing, just when i fret, and actually even as i'm typing this im feeling it in my left hand pinky (Only when i hit a key with it of course).
So guys, my question is, what is this from? and what should I do? Im in the midst of a few different recording projects right now, I really dont WANT to take a ton of time off from playing guitar (I mean, its my only means of income now, the little session work i can get, and gigging with my band). What should I do?
On a final note, i have no clue if this could be why, last night, i decided to do some recording with a guitar i hadnt played in a few years. AND it was some pretty intense stuff. Thats really the only thing i can think of that could have caused it. I had warmed up on the other guitar, but not on that one. BUT I dont know why that would matter.
Anyways, any help/advice would be appreciated!
Yeah I'd ask a doctor instead from internet. If it were whole hand/arm, especially in the mornings, I would have blamed tense and locked up shoulder muscles hampering bloodflow but this sounds quite odd issue.

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