Considering we have a Facebook like exchange thread it would make sense to also have a Twitter Follow exchange thread.

Not that there's a problem with too many threads like there was with "like for like" threads, I just thought it would be a good way to utilize UG's community to help each other out and keep it to one thread.

I suggest posting a url like so


instead of an @______ to make it easier
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to anyone involved with "like for likes", my honest opinion for you all:

get some real fans
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to anyone involved with "like for likes", my honest opinion for you all:

get some real fans

Through the facebook thread I've found a lot of bands that I wouldn't have heard of otherwise and became a fan of them. It's a good way to expose your music to others on UG that probably wouldn't have been heard otherwise because of how difficult it is to be "noticed" in music today.

Not everyone has a budget to market themselves like a bigger act could, but would still like to share their music and be heard. Being able to give someone something as harmless as a "like" of "follow" in return for taking the time to check out your page and hopefully listen to your music is a very small price to pay to expose your music to someone who might enjoy it.

One of the ways to "gain real fans" nowadays is to bring people to your page to encourage them to give your music a chance, and there's no shame in that. It's not much different than sharing music through real-life social interaction, except for the fact that it's online. At least it's easier online to ignore a musician pestering you to hear them play than it would in real life.