and some pedals, too.

First up, the amp:

(Technically the amp isn't really new since I got it a week ago, but I wanted to gig it before reviewing it)

I was looking for something that gives Fender-like cleans in the shape of a small, portable head, and the Egnater Tweaker 40 definitely achieves that. Plus a little more.

The thing I was most afraid of was the amp not having the headroom to stay super clean at high volumes, but no complaints in that area at all. I just maxed the Master volume and used the gain as a volume control.

I think it really shines at high volumes, but it still sounds good at bedroom levels (although slightly more dull.) I'm predominantly using the USA voicing at the moment, and I'm playing through a Harley Benton G112 Vintage. Yesterday, I got the chance to play it through a Marshall 412 and it sounded better, but I just don't have the room. I find the high end slightly more manageable that that of a Hot Rod Deluxe, since when I last played a HRD, it was a little overbearing.

Although I couldn't be more happy with the clean tone, I find the distorted tones a little lacking. That being said, I haven't gotten the chance to play it distorted at band practise levels , so I won't write that area off just yet.

Now pedals:

I finally got a delay pedal!!

Still properly finding my feet with the Delaylab, but it seems great so far. Very simple to use, which is ideal for me, haha.
I'm particularly having fun with the 'space' setting, but there's a lot of more practical delays in there too. I can definitely see me keeping this for a while, as long as it doesn't stop working. Looper function is also great. Having a looper was the one thing I missed after selling my Line 6 Spider a while back.

The Mooer isn't new, but I didn't make a thread for it when I got it, so I just thought I'd mention how much I like it. I've never played a real Tubescreamer, but this is a neat little alternative. I'm using it as a standalone overdrive pedal, and it ticks all the boxes. Can't recommend them enough!

Neat! I have to give it to Egnater, they know how to make an amp look snazzy.

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Aaaaaaaww I want one...

Happy NAD, brother
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how are using the FV300L? i see no cords going to it or coming from it.

the delaylab could use a couple more buttons . looks sweet though.

nice setup, HNGD
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how are using the FV300L? i see no cords going to it or coming from it.

the delaylab could use a couple more buttons . looks sweet though.

nice setup, HNGD

i'm not yet, unfortunately. i need one more patch cable and a lead with an angled jack so it can fit onto the board. i just picked it up second hand on Friday, so i wasn't really prepared. planning on getting them next week!

also, thanks!

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Jp man! Great setup, hope you're enjoying. HNGD ::
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