Hey guys

I keep getting blisters on my middle finger (i guess because that's the finger i use to bend) and was wondering if anybody had any advice on how to avoid that? I've been playing this evening for maybe an hour straight learning a new song, which i've now got the hang of, but now that i have a blister i can't play anymore until it's gone... Is there anything i can use on my hands maybe that will help prevent blisters? Or is my bending technique wrong and that's why i'm getting blisters?

See, sometimes the skin on my fingertips gets hard, which is handy because i can press harder, it doesn't hurt and i don't get a blister after just an hour of playing. But, after a bath that hard skin is gone and i've got soft fingers again... Blister prone fingers...

So, yeah, any advice on avoiding blisters?

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Let it heal up and then keep playing. You may have technique issue too (you do NOT have to press harder than you need to produce clean sound, which is not much) but your finger tips will eventually develop permanent callouses and the blistering problem goes away. This is something almost every guitarist goes through unless they already have thick hardened skin on their fingertips for other reason.

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Uhm, okay then.. Thanks!

I've been playing for well over a year, i was hoping my fingers would've got used to it by now.
I'm not insane, i'm not insane.
1. Get a pro set-up so that the actions lower
2. Tune down to make the strings easier to bend
3. Don't just bend with one finger - you should use the other fingers AS WELL AS the one fretting the note where at all possible - try to use at least two.
4. Only press hard enough to prevent buzz
If you've been playing for about a year you should have a callous. In fact, you do, that's what the 'hard skin' on your fingertips are.

I've never had blisters on my fingertips from bending strings so either your technique is really bad, the action on your guitar needs adjusting or you have very crappy, weak skin.

I would recommend not playing once you have had a bath/shower.
This isn't something that effects me (or anybody else ever) but if this is what you feel is contributing to the blisters you should wait a while after you have had a wash.

I never thought I would be giving somebody the advice of not playing guitar after they've had a wash...
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Ok, keep playing, the longer you play, the thicker the callouses.

That being said, if you must, I'm told you can build an artificial callous with superglue.

I've never tried it, but i think I could work it out if I had to.
PSimonR, i'll try and get used to bending with 2.

link no1, i think you misunderstood :P I don't think the bath is causing my blisters. It's that the bath is soaking my hard skin and that skin then comes off, so i lose it and have to start a fresh again.

The blisters are strictly from my bending, from what i can see/feel.

Thanks for all the advice guys
I'm not insane, i'm not insane.
Use rubbing alcohol on your finger tips 2 times a day this will dry them out faster
And u will get calluses faster, I been learning 5 months my calluses are rock hard now.
I can play 8 chords lol