Wandering around youtube a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a video of this guy playing a lick using his whammy bar and the pentatonic scale. The lick was in 7/4, but he arranged it in such a way that it fit into 4/4. He played a note as he dove into it, then quickly pulled up on the bar. I cannot find the video or remember his name, but he said he took the technique from an old Jazz legend.

A bit about the guitar player in the video:

-It was a seafoam green/teal guitar that resembled a stratocaster
-It was done at Guitar Institute of Tech and the interviewer was a white bald guy
-He had a long droopy face, frizzy gray hair - must be in his 50s or early 60s
-The video was about 6-8 minutes long

I found it while looking at licks by Joe Bonamassa and Eric Johnson.

Any help finding the video or explanation of the technique would be appreciated.

May the guitarplayer you're looking for be fusion guitarist Scott Henderson? If so, he's a great player.

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