I own a Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass 5 string.

Im in a church band and a metal band

What would be a good bridge for this? What pickguards fit this bass?

What pedals should I get? I want the darkglass b3k

What pickups should I get?

Would this fit?


What do you suggest?
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Start with a new set of strings. I have the same bass and the only mod was adjust the truss rod and put on DR Sunbeams. I really like the way it sounds now. No string buzz or clackety clack. Action set to 4/32" so it's easy to play. I have an Ampeg BA112 which really makes for great bass sound with lots of tone variety. If your looking at preamps I would suggest the Seymour Duncan tone circuits. The STC-2P 2 band tone circuit looks like a good fit. The SD tone circuits are best matched with Duncan pups. Since the VMJB has Duncan Designed pups already your good to go. If you want to change pups my preference would be the SD Antiquity II 11044-05 & 06. I'm pretty sure those are passive.
You might have some difficulty finding a pickguard that actually fits. I bought a tortoise shell pickguard that was advertised "fits Fender" and now it lives on my shelf of a bookcase. Even the Fender pickguards can be a problem. It's usually a gap between the control plate and the pickguard of about 1/4 inch.
If your sure you want to change the bridge then a Hipshot 5 String A Style Bass Bridge is a pretty good fit.
Aren't you satisfied with the sound of the bass or are you just going to modify it for the sake of modifying?

First I would buy new strings - they always improve your tone.

Why would you need a new pickguard (and what color is your bass - though if it's the natural finish one, I think the original black pickguard fits it the best)?
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Its no good asking us what you should get if you don't know yourself.
There are so many different pick-ups with different sounds, so many different pedals, bridges and strings it would be impossible to guess what you want your bass to sound like.

What bassist/bands influence you? Style of metal?

The b3k is very popular, particularly with metal bassists, so if you like it try it out.
Otherwise flanger, chorus, maybe a wah, otherwise a good DI (sansamp or MXR m-80) comes in useful.
Most metal players favour active pick-ups as well, especially with jazz basses.
Build in a killswitch. It's an awesome effect especially for metal. And it's easy to put in.

Or get a bass that is not a jazz bass.

Also, for the raw power, I would put in a Precision pickup instead of ONE jazz pickup.

Fender did something similar on some Aerodynes.

Or one of those phat Stingray ones.

Or keep both jazz pickups and ditch in a third magnet.
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