Looking for songs/suggestions for songs to learn in Drop C or even Drop B tuning. I know some stuff by KSE, AILD, ABR, Asking Alexandria, Disturbed, Miss May I, It Dies Today, Parkway Drive, Atreyu, and a few more. Looking for more metal/metalcore type of stuff. Nothing by BFMV or CoB. Would like the songs/bands to be more up to date, in a sense.

Thanks, Jonathan
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Trivium, Down, In Flames, Chimaira, Shadows Fall, Hatebreed and Pantera. Otherwise if you want newer stuff maybe For Today, Texas in July and some The Devil Wears Prada. Or you could go to D standard and play some MASTODON.
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Some Bring Me the Horizon stuff, System of a Down, Skindred, While She Sleeps (I think...), Five Finger Death Punch, some of the older Deftones stuff, all in drop C.

As far as drop B goes, I imagine 5FDP have some, and Architects have a ton of stuff in either drop B or C# standard.

Hope this keeps you busy