I have a ESP EC 1000 and it is only maybe 4-5 months old and actually I don't play it that much. Anyway, I noticed that when I am using pedals and switch to the neck pickup it plays clean for like 6 seconds and then the pedal kicks in. I am just wondering what this is because it is kind of frustrating. It not the pedal or anything either as I have checked.

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What kind of pedal are we talkin' here?

If you've already checked the guitar (and it definitely makes the switch from one pickup to the other with no delay when you do NOT have a pedal involved and the switch isn't "sticky"), then you'd think it would be the pedal, no? I have a couple of pedals that sort of carry over whatever they were doing before you change the pedal itself so that you don't have an abrupt transition (one sort of blends into the other).
Is a compressor involved, or a pedal with compression part of the equation?
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Its a fuzz EQD Hoof, is that normal. The bridge pickup works great but when I switch to neck pickup it plays clean and then eventually it starts to get the tone from the pedal. I just thought it was strange and the guitar is like brand new maybe it is the pedal I don't know.
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Its playing through the amp just clean with the pedal on for like 5 seconds or maybe longer.
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