Some pretty cool riffs man. The intro sort of reminds me of lamb of god. The drums are a little obnoxious at times but the riffs kept it interesting. Keep it up man.
Production-wise, the drums are definitely letting you down at the moment. Get them sounding more like real drums (and more human) and you'll find you get a lot closer to 'commercial' mixes.
Hey, look. Sigs are back.
The guitar tone is actually pretty sweet, but the drum sound is definitely holding it back. They sound really odd and kinda muffled. The song itself is solid, but you've gotta work on that drum sound.
Thanks for reviewing my song, finally got around to checking yours out.

I agree that the drums, particularly the kick, sound weird and are a bit too loud. Good riffs though. Kept things interesting all through. I feel like the break at 1:31 could use a drum fill instead of just a few hi-hat hits. Personally, I'd also double track the guitars and pan them hard left and right.

Solid song man, following you on Soundcloud.
The drums are definitely the weak link in this recording. I'm not sure if they're real or not, I know real drums are difficult to record well. They sound muffled. Guitar sounds pretty good, though I'd dial back some of the higher frequencies (but I'm sensitive to that). Some good vocals would be nice. I'm not sure if there is electric bass in the song or not. Song itself is good, so is guitar playing. Please review my music at this link:

Like all the people said, the drums are totally blowing the complete thing. Good guitar playing i think of megadeth instantly. If it would be my song i would cut a pit of treble of guitar, but it's Trash so it's ok
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