Here's the situation, I'm in the process of getting all of the arts to put new electronics in my Kramer Focus 3000. Since it's roughly the same size of a Fender Strat, I'm going to order a pickguard off of Warmoth's website for a 1 volume/1 tone/HSS or SSS configuration.

My only problem is, I don't like the options Warmoth has for where the volume can potentially be, I was wondering how I would go about drilling a place for the pot. What tools do I need to use and how should I go about doing so while keeping everything safe?

Sorry for the dumb question. It's just that I feel a bit uncomfortable doing it 100% from scratch and I hear that pickguards from Strats line up pretty well. Thanks guys!
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A drill and the right size drill bit.
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I find it easier to drill if you start out with a smaller bit and work your way up to the actual size you need. It can be kind of hard to drill a larger hole without doing so, but I assume that your volume knob won't need anything too big.
For larger holes, I'd usually drill a pilot hole of 1-2mm first. That's just enough for the tip of the larger bit to take and guide it. After that, I'd go straight for the final size (~8mm for standard pots?), but drilling very slowly. Acrylic and pickguard plastic should respond well to normal drill bits, so you shouldn't need anything special.

I'm not too keen on using more increments between the pilot and final, because it increases the room for error and the fit of the tip in each hole gets looser and looser. That's mainly because my primary drill press has some play in the shaft.

Also, make sure that you do a test and drill through your pickguard into a waste piece of wood for stability.