So I have been analyzing a chord progression that I really like in the song "Bloodlines" by Dethklok, but I cannot figure out what makes the progression so sweet. It's the progression during the interlude at 2:06 in the song. The progression is:

G -> B -> C -> B/C -> B -> Em -> C -> B/D#

My tab book says it's in the key of G, but I thought it was more E Harmonic Minor-ish. However the D# is throwing me off since the first chord is G Maj.

So I guess what I'm asking is what's going on in this progression that makes it sound so good? Or is there just no rhyme or reason and the chords just work together?

I apologize if this is a dumb question, as theory is not my strong point.
Yeah, sounds like C minor to me too.

What makes it sound so sweet may not be due to the chords because that's pretty basic minor stuff. It's the intensity of that part. Before that part there's a clean part and then suddenly the feeling completely changes and it sounds really heavy. Many times this kind of stuff isn't all about the chords/notes used.
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I do agree with the clean part beforehand making it sound better, but even playing just the progression I just love the way it flows.

I guess it would be C minor since the original tuning is down 2 whole steps.

But where does that Abmb5 come from or is it just an embellishment type thing?