Hello guys, I'm new to the forums but I've been using this site for tabs and reviews for a while already.

I found a sweet looking jackson (soloist I assume) in a local store, except for the hardware everything else looks mint, the only thing is that I can't find a serial number anywhere! so I can't get any info on the model or anything... I took a series of pictures hopefully you guys can help...


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I would say it is a Jackson SL2H Soloist. That's a nice one I would buy it.

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I'm inclinded to disagree. An SL2H would have a "Made in USA" logo next to the Jackson logo on the headstock and an Original Floyd Rose rather than a licensed copy. It would have an ebony fretboard with a serial number stamped at the end of the fretboard.

To be honest, I don't like it. It's the headstock that's throwing me off mainly. It's just not quite the right shape for a Jackson pointy. Compare it with this one -

The one you've linked to just looks *wrong*. The point at the top next to the low E tuner is much too sharp, and the headstock is too wide as it gets towards the high E end. That screams "bad copy" to me.

On top of that, I don't think I've seen a control cavity cover that shape on a soloist before, and there seems to be something a little off about the shape of the horns. Can't put my finger on it, but it doesn't seem right. And is it just me, or do the routs for the bridge pickup and the floyd not quite line up properly?

I can't say anything for sure but... be very wary. I'm pretty sure it's not a USA soloist. Could be an old import, but I wouldn't bet on it. I've had a quick browse through some old Jackson catalogues and I can't see anything that matches.
I agree with Confuse-a-Cat. The truss cover is the wrong size and shape, the logo is too small. The FR should say Jackson as well as the tuners. The horns seem too thin pockets too wide. The color on the back should not be two tone.

I am no expert by any means but it certainty looks suspicious. The lack of serial # on the neck should be enough to call BS on it.

How much are they asking? What are they saying it is?
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I thought Soloists were meant to be neck-through? This one looks like it is set in, so it may be a fake.
I see the headstock thing, I didn't notice before, they ask 270 dlls for it, they don't even know what it is, the guy bought it for himself but sadly after a stroke he lost a lot of mobility on the left side and can't play anymore and now he's selling it.

I mean I played it and it feels "right" I once tried a chinese copy of an ibanez and it's nowhere near to the feeling of this guitar, but now that you point out those details it seems like a copy, even the logo seems like it can be scratched out (the painting)
Not a pro, but imo looks like a chinese knockoff, idk why but it just stands out in the wrong way. But, i mean if it sounds nice, and you like it, buy it. Name brands are nothing more than corporate $, its all about making the instrument an extension of your ability. Goodluck.