Ok so hear goes! I am looking at becoming a video game composer/programmer after college. I plan on majoring in Computer science with a focus on video game programming/design and will also be taking Music classes focusing on audio engineering and composition. Im in the process of setting up my studio and want to know what you guys think.

First off my goal is to be able to work with midi to create orchestra/general soundtrack type sounds, but I also want to be able to record real instruments as much as possible here is my list so far let me know what you would keep/change and why!

also this will be run on a windows 7 pc with a i5 3570k cpu and 8 gb ram if that makes any difference.

Software. cubase 7 educational edition (have not used cubase before but i plan to buy it for its midi capability's)

Interface. Focusrite scarlet 18i20

Midi controller/keyboard.
I am in 2 frames of thought here, I have the akai mpk49 down as my midi controller. But, i went into guitar center the other day and played a korg kross keyboard workstation and loved it! Would i be able to use something like the korg as a midi controller so that i could also use it as a keyboard for writing on/playing piano when I am not using my computer?

vocal/acoustic guitar/general instruments.
Audio Technice at4050/LE limited edition (on sale for a good price and doesent look any different then the normal 4050)

General use/acoustic instruments/drum overheads.
MXL-603 pair.

General all around use/guitar cabs/snare drum.

Other then that I was going to go with some 25 foot xlr cables. and some mic stands.

Already have a nice pair of studio headphones, I will purchase monitors when i have a more money available but Until then i will use monitors that my college will have for use.

So opinions? How does the list look? and what if anything should i change/spend more money on and where can i save if anywhere? Also, on cubase how are the stock vsti and plugins? are there any that you guys would recommend purchasing with it?.
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