Hi. Been using acoustic guitars for millions of years but bought a LP Standard and want to just sort of use it to strum with, maybe a little picking BUT having grown used to pressuring the strings on my old J45 when I do that on the LP the sound distorts (the shop put 10's on) SOOOO the question is if I put 12's on (a) will it be ok and (b) which ones (I love the Elixir 13's on the J45 etc)
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I have no idea what you mean by distorts, if its a terrible way of saying intonation, heavier strings aren't going to help with that, if you mean the pickups too hot and overdriving your amp, heavier strings are definitely not going to help.
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He's saying that he's so used to the thicker strings and higher tension of his acoustic that he is pressing too hard on the les paul strings causing the note to bend and sound off. You can put twelves on it, but you will have to adjust the guitar a good amount. I'd also imagine if you were to run standard EADGBe tuning on it those strings would be VERY tight. It may just be that you will have to get used to playing on the les paul.
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You're millions of years old?

Tell me what it was like way back then.

Oh, and the answer to your first question is yes, use the 12s, it's ok.
I think you will be fine after a time. Just keep playing them. I have an acoustic and several electrics. They do not have similar string gauges on them. After a while, your style should adjust without you thinking about it.
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If you can handle 12s you should switch to Not Even Slinky by Ernie Ball. They come in the teal package. Or you could just get used to it. Honestly it sounds like you need to lower the action on your acoustic a little
You should be good....you might consider tuning down at least half a tone with thick strings like that....you will need to do some truss rod adjustments and intonation even if you keep it in standard tuning and maby even some work on the nut and saddles when taking a jump up in size like that.

I can recommend gibson own humbucker vintage strings, nice tone and help with feedback issues. Elixers are over priced and really dull of your tone
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