Im looking to buy a new amp to replace my crappy solid state. Im looking into buying a Marshall DSL 40c, a peavey classic 30 or a blackstar HT-5r.
Why a Marshall DSL40c: ive tried it in a shop and it sounds great
Why a peavey classic 30: The interenet says it is the best cheap amp
Why a blackstar ht5r: has a very affordable price good sound
budget is around $700 to $800 (maybe lower)

My question is, which one is the best of the three?
and also; what is the best cheap/affordable amp out there?

Btw, i play mainly old stuff such as classic rock. i also play stuff like van halen. Depends... i dont do gigs that much

all answers is much appreciated
What is the rest of your setup like? Where are you located? If you had to pick one or two tones to try to sound similar to, whose would they be?

Answering these will help us know your goals with the new amp and give the best advice. Welcome to UG
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Dean VMNTX (EMG set)
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+ a buncha teh pedlulz
First thing that I see is that looking at the amps you mention the ht20 or ht40 is more comparable to the others price and size ht20 is $599. If I had to choose between these amps with your style of guitar in consideration I would say the DSL40 would be the best then the Blackstar even though I would go for the 20w version. The peavey classic thirty is great really but at some point you would maybe have to add pedals in to get the desired gain whereas with these other choices I don't believe you would. This is not for certain because it would be based on your ear.

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Thx for the answers guys!
GeetarHeero:here's your answer
Rest of my setup: wah pedal(crybaby) and a blues driver(because I use a crappy amp I bought this) gibson les paul, Mexican Strat and that's about it...
Location: Asia (Indonesia to be exact). I go to Singapore a lot though.
Tones: Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, angus young,evh, etc....
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