when I play the into of welcome home (sanitarium) and I ave a little problem because I have to make the two finger power chord arpeggio on the A and D string and I have to let the make the G string as well, but I keep muting it.
What can I do?
My band covers this song. Sounds like you are maybe just rushing. Practice the part slowly, I use my first and third finger. I mean it sounds like you are playing it right except maybe you hand is to flat against the fret board. If your fingers are arched, kind of like making a C shape with your hand it makes your playing cleaner. I know how sometimes when you practice with a band it gets more chaotic and if you are not fluid with the progression strings will get muted when they are supposed to be open or worse. lol

Good luck man keep working.
Raconteurs Fan Guy
Lift your hand up. Your fingers need to be pressing the notes on the A & D strings (so you can play them clearly), while also leaving the low E and G strings open.