Hi guys and girls.

I mostly play acoustic, but i've been starting to play my electric more and more.

My friend recently just gave me her bass as she never plays it now too?

She also told me that playing bass through an electric amp is not always a good thing?

I just have a small behringer amp that came with my first guitar. Its not bad, but i'm probably gonna need something a bit bigger

So are there any good bass and electric amps all in one?
Is it bad to play a bass through an electric amp?

The new Peavey Vypyr VIP series is supposed to be good for Electric, Acoustic and Bass guitars. Of course it's better to have a dedicated guitar amp and a dedicated bass amp but if you're on a budget and aren't going to be gigging with either instrument then I don't see why the Vypyr VIP won't suit your needs.
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i'd avoid playing bass through guitar amp. the usual reason is it can kill your speakers.

there may well be a very few options which'd work for both- i hadn't heard that about the new vypyr. I'd contact peavey to make sure it'll be ok, though.
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as dave mentioned, the biggest deal is the speaker. there is more subtle stuff like a guitar amp's EQ won't be ideal for bass amplification.

i have heard speakers like the G12K-100 can pull double duty, also the eminence delta is supposed to be alright at PA, guitar and bass applications.

might be a bit much to do a speaker change on the amp depending on how much it costs though.
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