Alright-a couple months ago I bought a Fender MiM Strat. I want to upgrade it, because the tuners slide out of tune and the stock single coil pups sound tinny. I think I'll buy some Gotoh locking tuners, are they any good? I already put a Duncan SH8 in the bridge but I want some good single coils for playing ska and other clean stuff, need some recommendations. Also, is getting a bone nut worth it?
pickups are really a personal choice, just find some demos on youtube. As far as gotoh tuners, they're fine, i have them on my parts tele and they do fine. A new nut, specifically a graphtech or bone nut will just help had tuning stability. The pre cut graphtechs are like 10-12$ depending on where you get them. Well worth the investment in my opinion.