So, I spent a while working on a project. Probably my biggest project yet. I decided to try writing 3 songs that would all lead into each other. Unfortunately on soundcloud for me, each song kind of stops after each song. But its meant to play continuously, so download them all for free and do it that way if you prefer not to hear a brief moment of silence between each song. I wasn't going for much structure in these songs, you will hear a couple parts repeat but for the most part they play out like a story, I also have some ideas of concepts for the overall story.

Anyways check it out, give me some feedback because I could really use some! Thanks for the listen!


Probably my favorite moment of the whole thing is on song 3 on the heavy section of the song. I dunno I just like it, its pretty chaotic sounding :P
Thanks for the Crit,

First off the two riffs/sections within the 2 minute interval are killer. Just pure headbangers. The vibe for the first song I got is very like Carcass inspired, like older school death riffing before it all got to be a dilution contest The clean part flowed nicely into the song but I would have really liked to seen the 1 1/2 parts clean separate and made its own sectional part of the trilogy, not just a bridge to change up the tempo yknow. Then again its your vision but thats just me.

Song 2, the verse riff in the beginning of song 2 is solid but nothing to call home about but it really kicks into some cool double off double bass groove rhythm before the big leads comes in. I appreciate that. I loved the fade in effect at the 9 minute mark, very cool , didnt see it coming.

As traditionally a thrash/melodeath fan (if any metal anymore) I think the intro to song 3 really was my favorite of the whole trilogy, especially with the borderline punk rock palm muting/riffing. Im also a big fan of circular lead patterns in that its not looked at as a sin to have a lead continuously come back to the root key 3 or 4 beginning notes, I do that alot with my playing to create lasting melodies. I think a lot of times people associate that style of playing with the metalcore crowd but I could care less about labels, its great. I feel you did an awesome job of that throughout the trilogy.

You're a very talented dude thats for sure. I think for what you were going for, you hit a home run. With that said I'm the type of music listener in which any 17 minute song becomes a chore regardless of how many counterparts. But I mean theres a lot of quality riffing and songwriting within that allotted time.

Only good things, keep it up!
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
First song: just a little heavy on the high frequencies, though I'm sensitive to that. I like this part at 1:04 to 1:37 a lot. At 1:47 timing seems a bit odd briefly. Most all of the playing is tight. Some good non-screamo vocals would be nice for me. Didn't see this part at 3:17 coming! Interesting change, a nice mellow change. Nice harmony guitars at 4:12. Most of the guitar playing is impressive. At around 5:08, it almost sounds slightly out of tune, though it could be a lot of chorus effect. Sounds rather good overall. Song 2: This one is rockin' nicely! Sounds like a theme is repeating at around 8:10, maybe. Sounds cool around 8:45 & 9:00 with the backwards echo? Overall, I like this better than song 1: very good (though I wouldn't mind good vocals). Song 3: sounds nice around 11:10 & 11:57. Overall sounds rather good, but I think I like song 2 best overall. Interesting at 13:00. Almost sounds like you're practicing scales at 13:40 & 14:20, though it is still melodic. This did not occur to me until the last minute: I guess the electric bass is always following the guitar? Maybe I'm wrong. Wouldn't hurt to do something different with the bass if what I am saying is true. While almost 18 minutes is pretty long by any measure, there is still a lot of tasty chops. Please review my music at this link:

I quite enjoyed it, good writing and composition, and the playing is great! Mix is good, although snare could have a bit more mids boosted, just to make it a bit chunkier, but that's all I've got to say about that! Really dig the heavy bits, too, like the beginning half of Song 2.
Thanks for the crit, man!

I really like your riffs and your playing is super tight! A little bit more low-end in the guitars is something I would've liked personally, but it's purely subjective. The clean break in Song 1 was killer, very nice change. The heavy riffing in Song 2 is killer. It gets hella angry sounding but then kinda transforms into this somewhat more upbeat, triumphant sound, which is just awesome. The way you managed to traverse through a number of moods throughout the pieces is really good. Some really great harmonies throughout. It's definitely something I'd listen to again.