Attention: The purpose of this thread is to enlighten me and possible readers of substances that help fight off those jitters when playing in a public place. It doesn't mean I or anyone should or will take the substances posted here

Most of you know the feeling of being nervous when playing for someone and then screwing up and feeling like a douche.

I remember this time when some of my relatives payed a visit, and when they knew I played guitar they asked me to play something. That was the shittiest version of Megadeth's "Chosen Ones" ever.

Here's what happened:

- Shaking hands
- Inaccurate/unresponsive/slow fingers
- Feelings of insecurity (I'm pretty sure they weren't into metal, problem was metal was all I got)

Because of that, every time I think of performing in public I feel I won't be able to do it properly (at least not like I would when I'm alone in my bedroom).

So my question (finally) is: What substances (legal or not so much) do you know that alleviate these "conditions(?)" , and still allow for perfect motor skills?

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All of these things sound fun, but is there nothing that still let's you move and reason like a sober person?

there actually is a thing people take to deal with stage fright but I forget the name of it.

EDIT - beta blockers

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