pffft gays have to make a fuss about everything
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btw im in hs and im almost 18 so if u do think she was flirting with me dont say that its wrong im almost a grown man.

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Unfortunate combination of characters and there was no fuss. This is barely blog worthy.

TS getting all huffy for nothing.
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"To know the truth of history is to realize its ultimate myth and its inevitable ambiguity." Everything is made up and the facts don't matter.

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I wish I was American.

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“I’m sure they removed many four-letter words that would be seen as offensive,” he tells the Post. ”I’m surprised that ‘gays’ and ‘H8’ weren’t blocked as well.”

This sentence is the most homophobic thing in the article and it's not worth mentioning either.
Anyone offended by codes is an idiot

If you see an offensive randomly-generated code, laugh and move on
I have nothing important to say
"I was worried that another customer might think I somehow picked that code."

I mean that just makes the guy sound like a homophobe it's like people who are scared to say something like "the black one" or something along those lines because they are paranoid that people will think they're racist even if they're just referring to something like the colour of a car. Too me that makes them the worst type of racist because they're in denial about it.
"Jeff White, a student at the University of West Florida"
"a student"

Doesn't this explain everything ?
I think Jeff White is pretty racist.
You who build these altars now

To sacrifice these children
You must not do it anymore
I hope they go for FKNGGRS next

...modes and scales are still useless.

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