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First post here. I have a somewhat embarrassing question. I am buying a 2x12 cabinet for my son for Christmas, but am having a little trouble figuring it all out. I've played guitar for over 30 years and have used a Twin Reverb or a similar combo amp for as long as I can remember, and have never plugged it up to a cabinet. Watts and ohms are like a foreign language to me. Admittedly, this is an ignorant way to approach amplifiers, but we just never even thought of these things back then. Just found the loudest tube amp we could and plugged right in.

Anyways, my son has an Ampeg SS140C 2x12 solid state. It's "true stereo" and has 70 watts on each speaker (I understand this much, but what's next is where I get lost.) He wants a cabinet because when running at 4ohms, he gets 90 watts per speaker. Now, I have found a cabinet for fairly cheap on my local Craigslist and have gotten in touch with the guy and even talked him down a few bucks. The cabinet is a Crate v212b. It handles at 100 watts. Here's my problem: I thought that it would be fine because it's only going to take 90 watts, but then I remembered that's per speaker. Is he going to blow out this Crate cabinet because he's putting 180 watts into it? The cabinet has two jacks, so I think you can run one to each speaker as well... Am I on the right path or way wrong?? Sorry for the lengthy post, hopefully some of you can understand what I'm trying to ask, which is basically can my son run this cabinet with his Ampeg and not blow anything up on Christmas day?

Thanks all.
Here's today's simplified theory lesson -
Solid state power amps can be ran tough every cab that has an impedance equal or higher than their output impedance, and everytime you double the cab's input impedance the output wattage from the power amp drops by a half.
And that's it for today's simplified theory lesson.

I'm not really sure about that, but I remember the SS1140C having 2 8ohm speakers resulting in a 4 ohm load for the power amp, so you get 70w to each channel.
The power amp's power is 140w, so you already have yourself your 140w used in those two speakers.
Theoretically, you could buy a cab with a 2ohm output impedance to get 280w out of that amp, but you can't since:
1. your amp's power amp's minimum load impedance, which is the cab-in-which-you-would-plug-that-in's impedance, must be 4 or higher. Use a 2ohm cab and you would result in blowin' up stuff.
2. your amp's power amp's power is 140w, so you wouldn't get any benefit anyway.

Basically, you can't have more power than what you already have, so no use in buying a cab for that.
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