Can you please recommend a power supply for me please.

Ideally I would like one power supply but would consider getting two power supplies if one of them could not supply all the juice I need.

My current pedal board comprises TC Electronics Polytune, Digitech Whammy V,Dunlop FFM3 Fuzz Face, Ibanez Weeping Demon, DOD FX80B Compressor / Sustainer, Boss LS2 Line Selector, Electro Harmonix Super Ego, Digitech Screamin' Blues, Behringer Octave, Behringer Tremolo, Analogman King Of Tone, Electro Harmonix Micro POG, TRex Chorus / Flanger Tonebug, Boss DM2 Analog Delay, Boss DD3 Digital Delay, TC Electronics Dotto Looper so a grand total of 16 pedals.

Currently they are either powered off daisy chains out of the TC Electronic Polytune, Boss LS2 or by batteries.

I would much appreciate any advise thatanyone could offer as to whether there is a single power supply unit that can handle all of them or would I be better off getting two power supplies.

Thanks in advance

I forgot to add that I am considering getting a buffer or two so I would need to power those as well.
Maybe get a 4X4 by voodoo? Top of the line power supply and you'll get 4 high current outputs (400mA) and 4 regular 9v output (100mA) (half of the amout of your pedals). Wich makes it easy to daisy chain with the high current output. You might even be able to daisy chain some with the 100mA output.

The biggest power supply I know is the CIOKS CIOKOLATE and it has 16 outputs. However they are not all isolated. You could check this one as well.