So, recently I've been playing with a lot of folk bands and I decided that I would like an acoustic bass (woooooo Christmas bonus money!!!). After going to a few local stores I decided on an Ibanez SGBE110 and ordered one from thomann.

It arrived today and I am extremely impressed by just how good the quality is for the money (245eur, 340usd, 208gbp). Spruce and mahogany body with a 32'' neck and onboard preamp. The sound is nice and warm and projects better than most other acoustics that I tried.

Haven't had time for any pics yet

All specs here: http://www.ibanez.co.jp/products/ag_page13.php?area_id=3&data_id=331&color=CL01&year=2013&cat_id=3&series_id=141
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