My own guitar fretborad width is 42mm on zero fret and distance E to e for original nut is 35mm. If I replace it with 36.45mm for distance E to e of nut. For 36.45mm nut are suitable to 42mm fretborad or not ? Any buddy have any idea to this case? And please tell me and teach me~ thank you very much~
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A 35mm E to E string spacing is normal for a 42mm width neck. This spacing allows 3.5mm from the edges of the fretboard to the E strings - which is about right. If you increase the E to E spacing you obviously reduce to distance of the E strings to the edge of the fretboard which can cause problems: strings slipping off edge, fretting hand touching strings.

However, it can work: I have replaced the nut on one of my guitars - which has a 42mm neck - with a nut recut to 36.5mm and it works fine. I tried it on a second and it didn't - I don't know why. So - best thing to do is try it and see how it goes - you can always revert to the original nut if it doesn't work out.
^^ thank for ur comment~ I try it ~ >_<# 1st time to buy the nut~ and I didnt measure the e to e distance of my guitar.... And I was bought that nut with distance 36.45.... Sigh ....